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Ashher Swim

Ashleigh Herman, more commonly known as @ashher_ on Instagram is a model and content creator living in Cape Town. Her most recent venture, Ashher Swim is a swimwear brand focused on fun, sexy and colourful pieces that ensures you’re summer ready.


The swimwear line has several different pieces in different colourways and styles. First off, the classic bikini look with the ‘icon’ two piece in neon pink. This piece is also available  in a neutral white for a more subdued look.


For a more graphic and bold look the ‘RAWR’ one piece features a variety of neon colourways with black tiger stripes in a large print across the swimsuit.


The ‘Festival Fairy’ swimsuit is a one piece with a midriff cut out and a matching sheer pant with exaggerated ruffles along the side. This swimsuit is available in both neon colourways and neutrals. The perfect piece for those who don’t just want to swim in their costume but want to turn a look.


For those looking for a more interesting yet simple two piece the ‘Tied up’ set is the one. The ‘Tied up’ covers a bit more skin with adjustable strings along the midriff .


The ‘Kiwi’ Bikini is a high rise bottom paired with a single strap top, this is perfect for those with longer torsos wanting to accentuate their legs. Available in neon green.


The ‘Sporty Spice’  is a navy blue based two piece swimsuit with a scoop neckline and neon trim. The set is available with either a neon green or orange trim, adding a pop of colour to the deep base of the piece.


The ‘Buckle Up’ bikini is a simple white bikini with black straps and a buckle connection between the bust and across the midriff. The details add an edgy finish to a simple two piece set.


Back to Basics’ like the name suggests is a simple strap set with a square neckline and basic bottoms. This style is also available in the Ashher swim neons and neutrals.


The last piece in Ashher’s swimwear line is the ‘Love’. A black three piece set with wide elastic waist bands on the top and bottoms. The waistbands are printed ‘love’ in white text. It also comes with a black long sleeve sheer top to give the set a bold and unique finish.

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