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Back To The Future

Fashion transcends through decades. Iconic people, colours and styles act as elements of association to a specific era. These trends are often revisited in the future and re-imagined in a way that resonates with the modernity of fashion.


‘Back to the future’ is a virtual fashion time-machine, taking you back a few decades. Sporty, statement and whimsical are some of the most common associations with the 70’s. An era where masculine and feminine boundaries were being tested while style was becoming increasingly more personal. ‘Back to the future’ takes inspiration from the past era and intertwines it with current trends to create a modernistic approach to some statement looks from the 1970’s.


Sporty Street-style

A combination of comfort and style in minimalist shapes and silhouettes became popular during the 70’s as the rise of aerobics encouraged people to look for comfort in every outfit. Sports jackets, sneakers and sweat pants are some of the statement pieces used to build these looks. The addition of sports glasses gives the look a futuristic feel while combining it with a turtle-neck to create that 1970’s energy.


Playful in Pastel

The 70’s era was also known for being extremely fun and playful with bold colours and experimentation at the forefront of this decade. The era’s whimsical uniqueness and freedom of expression encouraged people to be themselves and use fashion as a form of expression. Pastel pink and playful patterns take you back to the 70’s while the silhouette of a hoodie and trendy sneakers add modern elements to playing with patterns and colours.


Denim Heaven

This decade was instrumental in the adoption of unisex fashion, as stars such as David Bowie blurred the lines between masculine and feminine attire. These looks were bold and edgy, with denim & leather as a basis to all things 'glam rock'. Denim and more denim in all shades of blue, paired with vintage frames and a bold hairstyle simply screams 70's. It was either all black and leather, or all blue and denim.


The 1970’s was pivotal for the fashion industry and was a pioneer for many styles and trends seen today. Mixing statement pieces and combining trends from various decades is what makes interpreting fashion so difficult for some.

Use fashion as your vehicle ‘Back to the future’.

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