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Flysole is a new South African owned store that focuses on sourcing and selling high end sneakers and streetwear straight from the runway to your home. Flysole is one of the first of its kind in the country and offers some of the rarest grails you’ll find in South Africa, making it the perfect second home for any sneakerhead or streetwear enthusiast. Originating in the 90s streetwear culture since then has become a worldwide phenomenon that includes absolutely everyone; from the young streetwear enthusiast getting their first pair of Jordans to the big time grail collector who sits and waits ready for every new drop. The culture, which was born from New York hip-hop culture, has influenced so much of the style we see today in fashion. Streetwear being at the forefront of fashion is being pushed even further by brands such as Flysole that believe in its importance and respect all of the culture around it. Flysole is making sure streetwear stays alive in South Africa and is making a space for those to trade in their old kicks for something newer and fresher on the market. 

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