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Jet A-List clothing

Jet has over 321 retailers in South Africa therefore making it the biggest clothing based retail store in the country, but this fact doesn’t stop them from giving back to those who need it. In this case it was Christel House. This Ottery based school was founded by Christel DeHaan whose goal with Christel House was to aid the lives of impoverished children and give them the tools they would need to achieve success in the future.


Jet set out for the Ottery school with the intent to give back to the community by hosting an event for all the kids of Christel House. The youth of the school were greeted by the Jet committee with cupcakes, music and positivity, making the event fun for all involved. Smiles were abundant throughout the day and festivity was at an all time high for the kids of Christel House. Seeing all the kids faces fill with joy when they were given new school clothing and uniforms from the Jet committee made the day even more heartwarming. The kids smiling faces were enough to tell that Jet had accomplished their mission to give back and help the youth of Christel house.

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