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Luke India Spring/Summer

Luke India is a genderfluid fashion blogger that takes inspiration from both masculine and feminine silhouettes and aesthetics. With every outfit Luke is breaking down who fashion can be for and posing the question of what fashion can be without any gender restrictive boundaries.


Luke in the first of four Spring/Summer looks is seen wearing a light brown fitted capri pant that is then complemented with more earth toned pieces being brought in such as the nude heel, tortoiseshell shades and sand coloured blouse. These earth tones are then offset by a fitted white blazer that has a belt cinching the waist bringing in that more spring feel to the outfit.


Who says you can’t wear black in summer? The look Luke is sporting is a wide legged, high waisted capri pant with a matching black turtleneck and cardigan. The airy lightweight fabric of the pants and the big boxy sunnies are perfect for summertime adventures. Luke also coordinates the gold earrings with both the gold buckles on the heel and the gold buckle on the pant making the look cohesive.


This third look blends a masculine double breasted blazer with a feminine pleated skirt. The checkered blazer also contrasts with the zigzag patterned skirt creating further juxtaposition in the outfit. The formal spring outfit works however because of the accessories and shoes bringing the colour story of the outfit together creating an interesting young professionalism to the look.


In the final outfit Luke is wearing a black puffer jacket cinched in with a black belt to create a new silhouette. This is then complemented with those same wide legged capri pants seen before. To top off this sporty look Luke is wearing grey and white boots that have neon green pops of colour to break the monochromatism in look.

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