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Millennial Mama

Millennial Mama hosted its very first wellness summit, aptly titled the Hot Mama Wellness Summit. The event hosted just over fifty beautiful mama’s and mama’s to be to connect with their personal wellbeing and essentially the wellbeing of the whole family.

The morning started off with Harriet Came guiding us through an inspired yoga session focusing on the endocrine system, the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things. Guiding us through yoga poses and movements that we could take home with us and practice everyday.

Melissa Delport, health coach and author of the cookbook Whole “bowl food for balance”, took us through her journey of yoyo dieting before she discovered wellness and balance through good whole foods. She moved the audience by dispelling diet myths and guiding a conversation around body positivity. She ended off her talk with some takeaways for guests on how to build a positive self image, a practical guide to healthy eating.

We shifted gears with to discuss financial wellness with Aneeka Buys, who worked in banking before owning her own fitness brand. Capitec helped us in presenting a discussion on what financial wellness means to us as women who run our households, invest in our own futures and the futures of our children. We worked out practical ways to talk about finances with our partners and kids. Capitec bank’s global one app allows users to create up to four savings plans at a time, whether thats saving for your education or that of your child, a new car or a family holiday. Each savings plan can be labeled to whatever you want to call it; mine for example is “Our Dream Home, as I started saving up for our new home we intend on moving into in the future. Finally we ended the financial wellness session by playing a financial education game presented by Capitec called “Livini it up” . The gameathon asked guests to download the game from their app stores and unlock the first level. The first person to unlock level one was the winner of an amazing prize.

Our morning ended off with a pumped up workout by Aneeka, she took us through a core and flute tightening workout that got our heart rates up and ready for the day.

The morning ended with delicious food and shopping! Our guests had a selection of pop up boutiques to shop from and explore. Each guest was treated to a mini makeover by Benefit Cosmetics and a skincare consultation from Skoon Skincare, with a free mini product for them to take home too. Loreal Botanicals gave each of our guests a guided tour of their amazing vegan, silicone free hair products over shots of cold pressed juices. Our goodie bag featured goodies from each of our sponsors relating to every one of our talks.

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