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Releaf Pharmaceuticals

Releaf Pharmaceuticals is a South African-based pharmaceutical company in the Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) category of products. Releaf Pharmaceuticals uses alternative medicine to assist with relieving pain, supporting the immune system, assisting digestion and helping with overall good health.


The company produces scientifically backed herbal and health supplements; focusing on preventative health. Releaf Pharmaceuticals’ products are of the finest quality, using quality ingredients and rigorous testing to ensure that their product is the best. Their products provide a wide range of health support; including alkaline tablets, probiotics and medication for coughs, colds and allergies. There are even products which assist in mood, stress, sleep, energy and relieving pain in bones and joints.


Releaf Pharmaceuticals also has a blog which investigates and provides information about their field. Blog articles range from recipes to tips to general information about health and wellbeing. For more information check out their blog.


The evening allowed guests to engage with this information in a welcoming environment. Releaf Pharmaceuticals is well on their way to further expanding the reach of their products.

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