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Style Destination:
A style story

A style story with Tina Prokas, the founder of Styleddestination.


Tina has been residing in bustling London, but recently came back home to South Africa for a week. She is best known for her insanely stylish outfits and cohesive Instagram feed. Her cohesive feed meant that she would need to shoot versatile content in Cape Town that would still fit her specific aesthetic.


The first outfit was a flirty feminine look with a slight edge. Tina wore a duck egg blue ruffled top with an edgy black skirt and boots which she accessorized with a structured bag and pearly hair clips. This look was shot against the sleek backdrop of the silo district. The location enhanced her colour palette whilst remaining subtle enough not to over power her look.


The second outfit was extremely edgy and eye-catching. Tina wore a colourful, detailed bomber with black pants and boots. The bomber was an exquisite piece; red and purple with fine thread and beaded detail. This look was shot right in the heart of town. The hustle and bustle that surrounded this location added to the New York essence of the look. A city that Tina takes a lot of her fashion inspiration from.


The last outfit was a chic leather look. A rich caramel two piece brought warmth and vibrancy, paired with a classic trench coat and white heeled boots. This outfit oozed an effortless class and was shot against a brown tonal brick setting, which accentuated the palette of Tina’s outfit.

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