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TFG Markhams

We went to the Relay Jeans denim customization event in Cape Town and you wouldn’t believe how much fun we had! Mostly because the incredible @stylecandyofficial chose to join us for it, lucky us! With all the style and swagger he’s known for, he truly made our weekend by letting us help him Get the Look before heading off to the event. How lucky were we to meet up with such a character! Determined to impress, we gave ourselves the challenge of transforming the soulful Siyavuya with a great outfit. To make the most of the opportunity to hang out with one of our favourites, we met up at the beautiful Onyx Hotel to make ourselves presentable and enjoy the rest of the day looking our best.

Feeling like actual jetsetters in our lush setting, we got to work getting our Siyavuya looking and feeling like the reigning king of style. The look we settled on had an undeniably playful feel to match the fun of the event. Siyavuya absolutely rocked a bright tropical print button-down of red and white that we paired with comfortable, summery denim shorts. To protect from the sun while in trend, our boy matched his bright shirt with a sunshine yellow hat and boldly framed sunnies. To complete the look, the outfit was accessorised with a functional blue bag, killer kicks and cool white socks. All that was left to do was go and enjoy the main event.

When we arrived at Rands we were ready to go! The event involved @denimbydome’s amazing custom jackets and the venue was just electric! Siyavuya really made a splash with his fresh threads and easy, effortless confidence. By the end of the day, after all the festivities, music and great food was done, our friend only had one thing left to say. “Thanks TFG for the look!”

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