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Yo what’s good, I’m Shak, big huncho and co-founder of Half & Halve.

I’ve always been extremely ambitious and often overly optimistic. Since I can remember it has always been a dream of mine to run my own business, start my own brand and venture into the creative industry; with Half & Halve I’ve been fortunate enough to have my cake and eat it.

I’m analytical, organized and can’t function properly without structure. I’m a Film Director, photographer and manage the teams operations. My ability to easily engage and interact with people has allowed my creative process to be built off human interaction and individual beauty. Along with my desire to start my own company, creativity and fashion has always been deeply rooted in my life, it just took me a while to realise how to channel and embrace it. Creative exploration and the ability to provoke emotion through an artistic body of work is what inspires me to create.

I’m driven by my desire to achieve, not only for myself but for the team, family and every young person of colour that was told it isn’t possible.



What's up, I'm Tash. I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Cape Town. My brother (Shakeel) and I founded the company in 2016 and it's been nothing but good times and growth ever since. I graduated from UCT in 2019 with a triple major in English, Film & Media and Gender Studies and have been running the company full time ever since.


I've always found creative spaces to be somewhat of
a home for me, a place I feel comfortable and confident. I currently head up the creative team at the company - from shooting to post production and everything in between. I specialize as a photographer, videographer, editor and colourist; although I do enjoy most creative aspects within and across the borders of the industry.
I am always trying to grow and acquire new knowledge and in turn pass that knowledge over to the capable hands of my team.


Although we’re a lot more than just a team, we’re a family. Welcome to our home.




Hello darlings, I'm Lella!

I'm the Social Media and Communications Manager for
Half & Halve- and it's made so much easier by the love and support that the boys have developed with our followers through their journey.

I've known Shak and Tash for many years and it's been inspiring to watch their progress. They've taught me so much while working with them and it's fantastic to come across a group of people who are so open to sharing knowledge, resources and experiences.

I've been a social media and marketing strategist for a few years out of University, but I've always had a passion for film, photography and art which is why it was a no-brainer for me to join Half & Halve. The creative energy is pulpable and it's incredible to learn from each person in the team. As a team we all bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table with everyone being valued equally.

I have high ambitions and a lot of energy to achieve the goals
I set out. I'll often push to do more, better and exceed our wildest dreams. It's so exquisite to work with a team that value that and hop straight on my level. I'm stoked to see what the future holds and where we can take Half & Halve with our team.



​Toefy genes don't miss, but third times always the charm.


Yo, I'm Faiz, a young creative and self-proclaimed multimedia artist. I’ve always been pretty good at art. Painting, drawing and designing have always been a big part of my life but broadening your creative skill, I believe, is essential to moving forward as an artist. From sewing and styling to moving into digital art and photography, expressing myself and my point of view has always been at the forefront of it all for me. No matter the medium I want to show myself in my work.


Working now at Half&Halve as an assistant photographer, editor, and website manager, (along with being an unmotivated student) I've learned, and continue to learn, from some of the best and most dedicated in the game. Keep your eyes on the sky because we only moving up.




Ayo I’m Rete, part time uni student and resident creative in training. I started out making short films with friends and desperately trying to be the first middle schooler to write and direct a feature film at Cannes. Since then, I’ve branched out to explore portrait photography, cinematography and video editing. I seem to have gravitated towards creating still and moving images but, regardless of the medium or specific role, my fundamental interest has always been in telling compelling stories.


I'm learning the most assisting Oompies Shak and Tash; on sets with lighting and photography, and behind the scenes with the edits of photos and videos. I might not have bagged a Palm d’Or by 16 but I’m trusting the team is gonna secure a SAMA by my 21st.



What’s up fam! It’s your boy Juzzy, an all-round creative and entrepreneur - Founder of deBoov Studios. 


Over the years, apart from attaining a degree in sound production, I’ve been able to also pursue a career as an aspiring artist, from touring the UK and playing live at the O2 Apollo Theatre. This was where the dream to build my own professional recording studio started. I am extremely passionate to see upcoming and aspiring artists use and pursue their dream in making music for a living. 


It wasn’t long after that I developed a huge interest in creating visual content for artists and brands, and as time progressed, Half and Halve reached out to me to work on video productions as part of their team. Our journey since then has escalated to the point where here we have established a solid working foundation as creatives, pushing our boundaries and not stopping at anything to get the job done.


I’ve got the drive and determination to achieve anything that I put my mind to, even when it seems overly optimistic to many. Limits are set to be broken. I am a firm believer that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.




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