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AFI Cape Town Fashion Week AW’19

A few nights a year, Cape Town’s most stylish individuals gather together to view the hard work and latest creations of designers. African Fashion International week is an event that brings together talented African designers; an opportunity which ignites inspiration and appreciation for the talent which Africa holds.


The Cape Town Civic Centre was the setting for this season shows. The sleek, clean lines and sophisticated interior provided the perfect venue for the grandiosity of the talent. The stage was alit in golden lights as fashion’s most dedicated individuals encircled the runway in anticipation. The energy one feels from the viewers during the final walk is a telltale of a successful collection. A room fall of observant eyes with a knack for detail ensures hat no element will be left unnoticed; good or bad.


Just as AFI explains, African fashion is a political statement. AFI provides an opportunity to express the power that is the African narrative.  Many designers provided a journey through which ones conscious is changed. Standout designers included Maxhosa by Laduma, Warrick Gautier and Orapaleng Modutle to name a few. Imprint brought the audience to their feet; the room fell victim to the spell of this incredible collection, completely mesmerized.


Attendees were draped in their most stylish and creative attire. There was a collection of latest trends, sophisticated reservation and authentic innovation. For many, this is the real runway.


African Fashion International week has once again proven the power and talent of Africa with a standout event. African fashion truly makes an international statement; we can no longer be ignored.

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