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Aisha Baker

From being one of the first South African bloggers on the scene to building up the empire that is BakedOnline Aisha Baker has come a very long way since her blogging days on WordPress. Aisha since then has built a loyal community around her online influence and has expanded and developed the BakedOnline name tremendously and in so many different creative directions. In recent years Aisha has moved her content to focus much more on the upliftment of the women who follow her. Aisha does this the way she knows best, through fashion and consistent hard work. Recently Aisha has been encouraging and pushing that Boss Woman lifestyle that she too has taken on in this new stage of her life. After becoming a mom and moving into her new home with her family BakedOnline has also made lifestyle a new integral part of her content. With the launch of the MillenialMama Instagram account and events thereafter Aisha has also made sure to share her life as a mother and all the trials and tribulations that come with it with the community she’s built so well.  In 2020 Aisha made major moves for the BakedOnline brand and launched the first collection of her own fashion brand under the name ‘Baked’, the collection was loved by her audience and further confirmed for Aisha that she was and is making the right steps in her career.

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