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Avon Watch Me Now

The 130 year old beauty brand Avon tries to empower women through beauty to the best of their ability. Avon fights for women’s voices to be heard, while also providing some of the best skincare and makeup products out there. The brand launched the ‘Watch Me Now’  movement to aid in celebrating women. The movement was made to help the Avon customer transform into the type of woman they want to see in the world. This forward thinking brand partnered with Aisha Baker, a fashion blogger devoted much like Avon, to empower women and celebrate beauty along the way.

In the first look for Aisha’s own Watch Me Now campaign she can be seen in a glam makeup look with a strong blue and bold eye. This bold eye is accentuated by parking it with a soft pink lip but keeps the look strong with strong blush and contour to give that striking look.

This blue eye is then smoked out with some deeper greens to give a more grunge feel to the makeup look. To keep with that grunge feel Aisha is wearing a darker lip keeping with that 2000 punk rock vibe. This look, although less glam, remains striking and beautiful.

To make things a bit less strong this look is much softer, a pale pink and purple toned eye is paired with a soft pink lip to keep things airy and light to go with the outfit. The face is also softer which draws the attention to the pinks of the eye.

For the final look, unlike the last few matte eye looks, Aisha is wearing a glossy bold and powerful red lid with pink undertones. This is matched perfectly with a glossy lip with the same colours. This final look is the Avon woman. Strong, bold and ready to face the world powerfully all while looking stunning.

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