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Focused around family, community and youth kulture the BROKE collective has been an absolute powerhouse within every aspect of the South African creative scene. The BROKE brand was conceptualized in early 2016 by the collective and was later officially launched in 2020 with a very well received first collection. Since then the brand has broadened itself into the music scene, having curated some of the most loved youth focused events within the city. The BROKE brand has been able to build a community within their home city of Cape Town and have proven themselves within the scene both locally and internationally. From having a set at BoilerRoom to being featured in Vogue Italia, the BROKE brand has seen nothing but success since it's successful 2020 launch.


This season the collective is furthering their fashion pursuits with an Autumn/Winter collection that pulls from the BROKE collective's love of the 90’s and their grassroots background. The BROKE Autumn/Winter editorial plays into this idea of workwear and the 90’s by showcasing the collection dressed on blue-collar workers set within a retro styled school. The ethos of the BROKE brand is heavily focused around the idea of fighting for a life that is more than what has been given. Despite one's circumstances, dreaming and working hard towards a better future for oneself is something the BROKE collective has shown to be essential to success. Following this ethos the editorial chooses to bring your everyday worker into the spotlight to showcase that one's occupation or environment does not define who you are or who you are able to become. 

The power to choose the life you want lies within your own ability.

​There is power in your mindset.

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