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Converse X

Converse x is a community of Converses’ most trusted young creatives both in South Africa and internationally. The people within the community are all bold,young fashionable creatives that have a passion for the brand. 


All the creatives seen in this shoot can be seen wearing the Converse ‘Renew’ collection. Converse, like many major brands today, have been working on making the brand more sustainable and better for the environment. With their ‘Renew’ collections they’ve been taking old cotton and denims and transforming them into wearable sneakers that are still appealing to their devoted customers. Through this recycling process of not just cotton and denim but also rubber they’ve managed to create a collection of sneakers that’s both good for the environment and fashionable.


Andile, better known as @originalkaapstaadpantsula on Instagram is shown in this first look is wearing a classic outfit inspired by the early 90s. He pairs a straight legged blue jean, vintage inspired striped shirt and bucket hat with a pair of chartreuse low top converse, the chartreuse converse adds to that more muted colour pallet Andile was going for and therefore finishes off the simple but classic outfit well.


Carrying on with the 90s inspired outfits, in this second look we see Tshepo Marcus Mgadule also known as wearing another vintage inspired shirt, this time however worn over a horizontal striped T-shirt. The purple and teal details on the bright shirt compliments the colouring of the T-shirt and of the baby pink converse that (markus) has chosen to pair with the outfit. The gray pant then pulls the look together making sure the colorful shirt and accessories have a more muted tone to counterbalance the bright colours.


Wanda Banda also known more famously as is wearing an outfit that perfectly shows an example of how to counterbalance bright colours with darker ones. In the outfit she is wearing a bright striped T-shirt under a solid black dress. She then pairs this with black low top converse to match the dress and to keep the focus on the T-shirt.


These same black converse can be seen worn by young designer Caryn Ryklief known similarly as @carynryklief on Instagram. Caryn pairs it with a matching black belt and furry bucket hat to keep with that retro vibe seen throughout the shoot. Caryn in this outfit is also sticking to a more simple, soft pink and black colour palette. The black belt with silver detailing cinches in the waist of a baby pink dress that’s then layered over a deeper pink corduroy shirt to create a better silhouette while still keeping the look cohesive.


The artist known as @seeflehx44 can be seen sporting a pair of deep blue converse that have the phrase “life’s too short” on them giving the sneaker a graphic feel to them. He, much like Wanda is wearing a bright striped T-shirt he however pairs it with a hot pink striped pair of dungarees, and pink cat eye shades. The black pair of converse are perfect for this look however because it makes sure the already bold look is kept grounded and not overdone.


In the last look we see @hannahdavids_ wearing a red, blue and green striped pair of shorts paired with a lime green tube top, a black denim jacket with colourful embellishments and low top black converse. The black converse is complementary to the black jacket, while the jacket is still cohesive with the outfit because of the embellishments bringing that pop of colour back into the look. 

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