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Amongst the mutated neutrals and deep gem tones of winter lies a palette and an embodiment very few explore; the whimsical take on Winter wear. The fun creative that doesn’t adopt classic tones, the person that embraces the season as a challenge; to stand out in softer fabrics, lighter and brighter tones and edgy pieces. The ultimate whimsical flair comes to life in the creations of Crystal Birch.


This editorial was inspired by the Andy Warhol’s and Willy Wonka’s of fashion, those that engage in an intrinsic relationship with the items that they piece together; undoubtedly in touch with their artistic flair. The whimsical Dandelion’s of the world.


The iris background created the foundation of our fanciful world; a place where the excitement of colour never ends. Surrounded by the essence created by the creations of Crystal Birch.


The Starling Bolero is chic in its structure but outlandish in the bright colours that cascade down in a vertical line of pom poms. This piece inspired the re-invention of the essential summer dress; layered with a thick emerald green jersey. The Starling Bolero felt youthful in it’s playfulness but elegant in it’s structure.


The Pineapple is undoubtedly a standout piece; those who wear it are the dramatic focus of everyone’s gaze, those who see it are envious of the confident quirkiness. This piece inspired the edgy snowman look; adorned by a unique crown.


The Lilac Poly Cloche is elegant and gracious in it’s palette and structure. This piece exudes an artistic, Parisian feel; inspiring light layering with a soft flow. The Lilac Poly Cloche is for those that carry themselves with grace.


There is a magic that lies in the adventure of wearing a hat, you feel a shift in conviction. There is an edgy fearlessness ignited; whether it be adorning an item of classic elegance or a statement piece. Explore the capacity of your imagination. Just like a dandelion wish.

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