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Fanele BLM

Fanele Mbuyazi is a South African Model situated in Durban. Fanele is an online figure who advocates for black beauty and the empowerment of other black creators, black culture and black people. What Fanele wanted to do in this shoot was  to showcase black culture and the beauty one can find within it. The shoot was done in order to inspire others to follow her lead and find beauty in their skin colour and more specifically in being black. Fanele was inspired to do this shoot and send out this message of empowerment because of the recent events and racial injustices occurring both in South Africa and America, more specifically the Black Lives Matter movement that was re-sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd. Fanele aims for her voice to be heard during this global movement by speaking about topics on black self confidence, black pride and strength and how important it is to have a love for being black in South Africa and across the globe. 

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