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FatSak was created in 2007 with the goal of being the resurgence of the iconic beanbag – bringing it back into style. FatSak is a modern beanbag company, situated in Cape Town, creating the most stylish and comfortable beanbags on the market. FatSaks beanbags are perfect for the whole family, from a father reading a bedtime story to his son, to the family dog just lounging around all day. The FatSak beanbags are the perfect, comfortable and most relaxing piece of ‘furniture’ you’ll ever own. The FatSak beanbag also comes in a bunch of unique fabrics and colours to suit your needs, from green corduroy to a more tame outdoorsy brown leather. The personalization of your FatSak makes sure it fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of your chill spaces, wherever you decide that may be.

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