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G-Star RAW - Social Media Campaign

The refined urban edge of G-Star RAW is perfect for elevating winter fashion. G-Star RAW’s 2019 Winter collection includes the usual innovative denim work and luxury quality; including polished statement pieces and rich winter palettes. This thought-out Winter collection has been launched globally, but can easily be tailored to South Africa’s warmer weather.

I was recently a part of a team that worked together on a social media campaign, showcasing the elevated versatility of the range. This campaign showcased the editorial edginess of G-Star RAW on a powerful platform. Social media has become the first line of investigation and reference when exploring one’s favourite fashion brand.

G-Star RAW celebrates the power of real people; those that wear the brand embrace an innovative confidence. The team working on this campaign reflected the creative collaboration G-Star RAW encourages. Content creator and model Ghislaine Mutombo was one of the faces of the campaign. Ghislaine is a talented, powerhouse creative who produces innovative and high-quality work. Model and activist Sanele Xaba was another familiar face; known for his vibrant charisma and legendary work. Talented photography duo Half & Halve captured the industrial editorial style of the campaign, skilled artist Matte Jacobs worked on makeup and I worked on styling. The team was headed by passionate powerhouse, Christine Thonissen.

The new G-Star RAW collection includes the iconic attention to detail and refined ruggedness; creating the perfect balance. The collection featured standout pieces; such as an artistic Lank Shirt Dress and the D-Staq studded denim jacket. The Lank Shirt Dress is cut from a life size artwork of Rembrandt and the industrial denim jacket includes patchwork and copper studwork. Sophisticated dark wash denim, structured jumpsuits, blazers and waistcoats, crisp shirts and culotte cuts allow for versatile layering with a formal yet edgy finish. Pageboy hats, tote bags and fanny packs mean that you can alter accessories and details to create your perfect style; ranging from refined classic to streetwear.

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