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Girls With Wings with Rushda Moosajee

Girls with wiings is a South African NPO that distributes sanitary products to homeless & underprivileged women on a monthly basis.


The fit for wings event was a fitness based event aimed at raising funds to provide sanitary parcels to women across South Africa. The event took the form of an outdoor gym class, set against the iconic Cape Town stadium, where guests were coached through a high intensity full body workout by some of Cape Town’s top personal trainers. 


Rushda Moosajee, better known as RushTush, welcomed guests with a lower body workout that demanded 100% effort. Jump squats, fire hydrants and lunges were a few of the key exercises in Rush’s regime and by the look of things, many tired guests must have ordered an uber home because that definitely hurt. 


There’s nothing better than spending a Saturday morning in the sun sweating your ass off. 

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