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Identity x Siebritz Twins

Identity burst onto the scene in 1999 and has been providing edgy, on-trend essentials  and statement pieces that can be found in closets all over South Africa. Identity being a brand focused around younger, fresher looking designs decided to feature the Siebritz twins for their recent summer collection. The Siebtritz twins, composed of Amron and Geovanna Siebritz, are fashion and lifestyle creators that showcase their life being twins and their often coordinated outfits because when it comes to the Siebritz one outfit just isn’t enough. 

In the first set of outfits, the twins wanted to create a more monochromatic and summery feel to their looks. Polka dots and small detailed floral patterned swimsuits make for the perfect airy outfit during the warmer months. The looks, much like the Siebtriz twins have been known for, are street style inspired. We see all these elements coming together with a black a white paired shirt dress combo. Solid more muted colours are perfect with splashes on colours to create a good contrast.

In the second set of outfits, there’s a more defined colour story. Each of the outfits consist of lavender purples and a mixture of different greens. Another small green flowery textile is used against these solid soft purples to create contrast but still keeping the look interesting. The Siebrtiz twins are impeccable with making sure their outfits match each other to go with that twin theme while still making sure each outfit can stand alone too. 

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