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Luxottica - ‘20 Media Event

Luxottica is known to be one of the most opulent and elegant brands out there and being one of the frontrunners within the fashion accessory industry since 1961 one would expect them to have faded into irrelevance however, they continue to show their excellence and innovation today with everything they do. 

Much like in the years before Luxottica hosted a media event where some of South Africa’s most influential people in the fashion industry were invited to all view the new launches from all the major eyewear brands within South Africa. Luxottica values their customers’ opinions so hosting an event like this each year is essential to gauge what they can do to satisfy everything the customer wants. This year the event was held at Maaya Cape Town on Loop street. Maaya, being in the heart of Cape Town, is a space that strives to be a more nature focused getaway experience from all the hard and harsh buildings surrounding the CBD. The beautiful atmosphere that this Japanese Peruvian restaurant created was the perfect backdrop for an event focused around opulence and grandeur. This amazing venue along with a room filled with astounding people made for a very successful event.

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