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That rush of excitement once you’ve found it; adding to your collection and satisfying your obsession. We all have one; that one item that we can’t resist, our fashion obsession.


Collecting items to add to your existing collection is addictive, you become overwhelmed with an irresistible desire. Each new piece brings something new and the cycle of obsession continues; you just can’t get enough.


There’s never a good enough reason to get rid of any bag, even if it isn’t in style, bags are classic, expensive pieces with no sell by date. This obsession is even more intense for those who collect luxury bags. There is something about a well-made, classic designer bag that means you can never have enough. When it comes to designer handbags, you’re not only making a fashion statement, but a financial investment.


The modern day sneakerhead is no stranger to the world of obsession. Sneakerheads are often brand loyal, collecting as many classics, limited editions and new releases. Your shoes make a statement about your essence, an easy validation for the obsession. You will probably never meet an individual who only owns one pair of Converse, there is a pair for every emotion, person or event. With an abundance of designs and collaborations, we can see why.


A love a fair with sunglasses is one easily justified. The spectrum of shades one can collect is relentless. Changing your pair of sunglasses can completely re-define your look, with that in mind, we understand the obsession. Luxury sunglasses are high quality classic items, appealing to an addictive dynamic.


The uncontrollable obsession continues and the collection expands in size.

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