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Rocking The Daisies 2019:
A Style Story with Converse

The refined urban edge of G-Star RAW is perfect for elevating winter fashion. G-Star RAW’s 2019 Winter collection includes the usual innovative denim work and luxury quality; including polished statement pieces and rich winter palettes. This thought-out Winter collection has been launched globally, but can easily be tailored to South Africa’s warmer weather.


Rocking the Daisies, the music festival that brings out stylish festivalgoers partying to the hottest local and international acts. RTD is a chance for people to show off their unique take on upcoming trends. Festival-wear has moved in a new direction. Steezy street-style dominated this years event, leaving behind the florals, flowy fabrics and typical festival attire.


We scouted some of our favourite outfits, paired perfectly with a pair of Converse. Converse has always been a favourite at Rocking the Daisies as some choose a classic, versatile pair, while others choose a pair that stands out as the star of the look.


Futuristic fashion was hugely popular this year, as seen on international scales. These looks included reflective fabrics, puffed track pants and sports-inspired shades. Touches such as lumo accents, canvas texture and threaded straps accentuated the narrative of futuristic fashion.


Edgy military inspired looks was another popular choice. Festival-goers were seen in cargo, camouflage, and chunky layers with industrial details like multiple pockets and heavy zips to emphasize the utilitarian essence of their look.


Quirky streetwear included bucket hats, moonbags, cycling shorts and colourful combinations. This was definitely one of the most popular and versatile styles. One could see multiple interpretations of the look. Some chose muted looks, creating a sophisticated edge. Others chose bright contrasting colours or clashing trends.


Whether it’s outrageous confidence or classic looks, Converse is a crowd favourite. Sleek all black looks or double denim made it’s iconic mark at the festival, paired with the perfect pair of Converse.


As we imagined, attendees pulled out all the stops for Rocking the Daisies. Hand-in-hand with Converse, festivalgoers enjoyed the start of the Summer festival season in style. Interpreting the latest trends or creating their own, a quirky pair of kicks is all you need.

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