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Skip x Aisha Baker

Skip is known to be one of South Africa’s strongest and most reliable washing brands that’s been keeping our clothes protected ever since the washing machine was introduced in the country. Skip believes that keeping your clothes strong and looking new is absolutely essential to being able to express yourself and your style to the best of your ability. Keeping your clothes looking new and fresh allows the memories you made in your favorite outfit to stay intact along with the clothes themselves. In order to help get this message across, Skip partnered with five different influencers, each helping their audience with how to deal with the five signs of aging clothes. Aisha Baker of @bakedonline, being both a mother and a working woman, can often be so caught up in things that her clothes can get stained. In order to combat this Aisha helped her audience with how she specifically uses Skip products to remove these stains from both her own and her family’s clothes.

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