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Official Sun Met 2019

Africa’s richest race day. The Official Sun Met is one of South Africa’s largest and most anticipated horse racing events of the year. Following on from last years theme, this year the event partnered with American Swiss and was themed, ‘precious metals’.


Africa’s rich heritage and strong mineral sector meant the theme was extremely well received. It saw guests draped in sparkling dresses, gold and silver detailing and everyone’s looks were topped off with show-stopping accessories.


This year we covered the event on behalf of two inspirational women, Aisha Baker from BakedOnline and Ruhsda Moosajee of Rush Tush. As new mothers they both emphasized how tough the adjustment is but agreed that the notion of guilt free activities without their children is a crucial part of living a balanced life.  Their Sun Met looks were nothing short of spectacular with each of them taking a different approach to their look. Aisha wore an off the shoulder silver floral appliqué adorned gown from La Principessa Bridal Wear and styled her look as a glamorous take on a western film. Rushda emphasized her fit physique in a dusty pink tulle number, with gathered tulle sleeves to create a more dramatic look.


A race day enjoyed by all it’s guests as they spend the day on the racecourse sipping cold drinks and listening to South Africa’s musical talent.

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