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Swiitch Beauty Hangout

An idea that turned into a global business. By a little girl with big dreams. 

Founder of Swiitch Beauty, Rabia Ghoor was just 14 when she launched her makeup and skincare brand out of her bedroom. Fast forward 5 years Rabia has turned this idea into a full-time business and has solidified her market-share within South Africa. Rabia’s wit and social media knowledge has impacted the growth of her empire as she aims to keep her products relevant, affordable and create relatable content for the brands audience. 

The Swiitch Beauty hangout was not only a celebration of what Rabia and her team have achieved within the 5 years of operation but it also celebrated their loyal customers. The hangouts intimate atmosphere brought the brands most loyal customers, influencers and media partners together for a morning of beauty demos, industry discussions and of course, insta-worthy photo ops. 

The hangout brought Swiitch Beauty’s diverse audience together and created an inclusive event space that unified the female identity within the beauty industry.

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