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Tread + Miller – Social Media Campaign

Tread+Miller is known for the timeless yet modern designs of their shoes. These timeless designs, no matter who’s wearing them, were made to always look trendy and professional both in and out of the workplace.



Since Tread+Miller makes these classic, timeless and classy designs, they are suited perfectly for every type of working professional man. The detailed designs of the shoes elevate the more classic simplistic type of suit while the high quality make of the shoe makes sure the shoe compliments the more fashionable and trendy working man. Whether you’re sitting in a meeting or getting your daily coffee every young professional should do so in a Tread+Miller shoe.


For the office looks one can see all the shoes are styled with matching suits to complete that working, on-the-go man. In the first look the burgundy shoe with light brown base was paired with a matching burgundy hat and double breasted blazer to give the look that young and fresh feel to it.


For those that still want that classic office look but want to keep it a bit interesting, you can use tread a millers unique designs paired with your usual blue/black suit that will create some interest in the outfit while still having that classic feel to it.


The last two looks for working men are for those that prefer earth and more neutral colours in their wardrobe. In both looks a classic brown shoe is paired with a neutral toned jacket to keep it still looking clean. In both looks then a green pop of colour is added in different ways in order to achieve that earthy colour pallet that feels like a suit perfect for winter.



The Tread+Miller man is not just a working professional but also a gentleman. The type of man to wait for you at the door flowers in hand. The Tread+Miller man will always look dashing for date night and for the workplace. From a loafer for picnic dates to chelsea boots for late night dining  Tread+Miller has a shoe for every occasion and for every type of gentleman hoping to impress that significant other.


In this first look we see how one can look crisp and stylish on a beautiful picnic with their significant other. Pairing a pair of light brown chelsea boots with spotless whites makes for the perfect casual, simplistic but still fashionable outfits to impress the one they love.


Pairing navy blue loafers with blue jeans always makes for the perfect semi-formal outfit perfect for casual walks hand in hand with the one you love. Paring this iconic duo with any shirt will make for a perfect summer’s day look, keeping you looking like a gentleman even in your casual wear.


If you’re thinking of taking your lunch break to go on a date with your partner, one can always make sure they look stylish while also looking work appropriate by spicing up the patterns on the suits you wear or even just wearing one of Tread + Millers more unique formal shoes. This can be seen in this look with this small detailed pattern making the suit seem fit for the workplace and at a trendy restaurant.


In this last look we see a casual bomber jacket paired over a graphic shirt and a pin striped pants. This is an easy lunch break outfit to achieve, trading in a blazer for a bomber gives the look that casual feel to it while still wearing your work shirt, pants and shoes. This outfit is for the bold and the more out there fashionable working man.

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