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Waleed Wayne Parnell

Waleed Wayne Parnell is a renowned South African cricketer, loving husband and more recently a loving father. Waleed, during the cricket season, spends most of his time away in the UK where he plays for the Worcestershire County Cricket Club. The other half of the year during the off season Waleed often returns to South Africa or travels with his family. However, like many others during this strange time, Waleed has been forced to remain in South Africa quarantined with his wife and son. During quarantine Waleed has been spending much more quality time with his wife and son, keeping fit, and further exploring some of his hobbies. Being married to Aisha Baker, a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, Waleed has always had an interest in fashion, photography and content creation and this time has given him a space to explore this more allowing him to express himself and build his public image/career further, while still keeping fit and healthy while doing it.

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