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Woolworths Fashion Show

Woolworths first opened its doors to the South African Public in 1931 and since then has been at the forefront of retail. Ever since then Woolworths has been satisfying their customers every way they can. In one of their latest launches Woolworths released a collection focused on the essential winter comfort clothes rightfully called All About Comfort. From turtle necks to overcoats the collection will keep you warm, cozy and looking good throughout the cold wintery season. 


Since everyone is spending even more time inside this year, this season's fashion show focused especially on comfort and was showcased digitally. All the pieces were shown on a minimalist simplified and clean runway that kept the focus on the clothes and made it easy and simple for digital viewers to see the detail in the garments. As always Woolworths puts the customer experience at the forefront of their garments and fashion shows.

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