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Zahra MakeupLust

Zahra Omarji is a Mozambique born, Lizban based Makeup artist and Fashion Influncer who recently visited Cape Town. On her visit to Cape Town Zahra took the opportunity to show off some summery outfits with the beach as her backdrop.


In this first look Zahra is wearing a silky copper dress that compliments her skin tone. The dress has a draped scoop neckline and thin straps. These thin flowy silk dresses are perfect for keeping cool during Cape Town summers while still looking chic and trendy.


Zahra in the second look is keeping it a bit more casual, she pairs a light-wash, high-waisted denim jeans with a classic white T-shirt tucked into them. This is a simple but effective silhouette that can be worn everyday. She then accessories with simple gold jewelry to finish off the look


For a more formal approach Zahra here is wearing a crisp two piece white suit with cream pinstripes. The suit however is made from a thinner fabric keeping it breathable in hot weather. She then finishes off this boss girl look with hexagonal, pink framed glasses to add some colour, silver jewelry and a strappy heel all complementing the simplicity and sleekness of the look perfectly.


In the last look Zarha is wearing a pale blue jumpsuit, the jumpsuit has a matching belt to cinch in the waist and create a better overall silhouette. She then pairs this with classic black converse and simple gold jewelry to keep the focus on the jumpsuit. 

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